Milton Friedman Monetarism: Video & Reads

“Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.” -Milton Friedman 

Before our class this Wednesday I figured I would post a few short articles that you can read to better understand monetarism and Milton Friedman’s theories. The readings are not entirely comprehensive but they will provide some context to Brittany, Daley, and I’s presentation next class. The first article is relatively short but provides insight on one of Friedman’s most controversial claims at the time

Also, below I included a short video of one of Friedman’s presentations that expands on monetary policy

For those who find happiness in spending countless hours reading economic papers I also linked one of Friedman’s papers, The Role of Monetary Policy, here, as well as another article summarizing much of Friedman’s work as an economist

Here is an assessment and interpretation of Milton Friedman’s monetarism

Researching Friedman’s Rule and the Friedman Doctrine opens up a lot of articles expanding on the two ideas and other theories within monetarism!